Crystal Collagen 24K Gold Facial Masks (12 Pack)

Crystal Collagen 24K Gold Facial Masks (12 Pack)

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Formulated to tackle as signs of skin fatigue:

Lack of sleep and for individuals who often stay up all night;
Improper diet, chain smokers;
Long-term use of makeup or improper use of cosmetics;
Female menstrual period;
Long-term reading, writing, driving, etc.
Long-term use of the computer, watching TV

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This innovative Asian Gold Bio-collagen facial mask is formulated with pure gold,natural bio-ingredients,hydrating compound do deliver to you a mor define,younger and glowing look.This luxurious and natural skin treatment is being used by many spa internationlly.Formulated with proprietary ingerdient carrier,moisturizing element to harness the power of pure gold and all its healing benefits to the skin. Gold can slows down the skin collagen depletion and elastin breakdown.This mask stimulates cellular regrowth at the basal layer to regenerate,combats damaging free redicals,stabilizes skin immunity,rehydrates skin and improves skin elasticity thus reducing the appearance of premature aging.The bio-active ingredients enhance face slimming,sculpting,whitening and even out skin tone effectively.

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