2 in 1 Bright Light anti wrinkle/anti acne LED Therapy

2 in 1 Bright Light anti wrinkle/anti acne LED Therapy

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The Bright Therapy Light gives you 3 different LED Light therapies in 1. The treatment is non evasive, non-thermal and uses single frequency light.

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Product Description


Main Functions:

1. Electrotherapy / EMS treatment for skin tightening & firming;

2. Galvanic Microcurrent (positive Ions) for facial cleansing;

3. Galvanic Microcurrent (negative Ions) for nourishing / nutrition penetration;

4. Galvanic Microcurrent (positive & negative Ions) for skin lifting;

5. Blue light therapy for acnes treatment;

6. Red light therapy for skin rejuvenation, increase metabolism.


What is Galvanic Treatment?

Galvanism is an electrical treatment which can be applied to both the face and body. Therapeutic substances are introduced into the skin using a direct current to create specific effects upon the surface and underlying tissues.


Body use:


- increased blood and lymphatic circulation,

- reduction of non-medical swelling and puffiness by improving the dispersal of accumulated tissue fluids and waste products from the area,

- used in slimming treatments as fat is more readily transported for use in the increased lymphatic flow,

- improves the appearance of cellulite,

- increase metabolism.


Face use:


- improved skin texture through removal of the surface dead skin cells,

- introduction into the skin of regulating therapeutic ingredients enables different skin types and conditions to be treated,

- recommended for: oily and congested skin, tired, mature, unbalanced, dry and dehydrated skin.

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Additional Information

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